COst of braces

What you pay for

Cost of living is an issue affecting all of us and medical expenses seem to rise faster than other costs. All of our clinical materials and technologies are sourced from overseas – there is no Australian alternative. As far as possible we use technologies to manufacture orthodontic devices in the practice or from our local laboratories.

We try hard to keep our fees competitive and to save you time and expence going round trying to find a better price. The prices given below are correct on 5 June 2024. This is not an exhaustive list of possible costs and is subject to change without notice. If you are still worried about costs you could come in for a free consultation (subject to conditions) and obtain an accurate quote for your treatment.

Commonly used item codes and costs

Item 831

Fixed braces per arch

Item 845

(Standard) bonded lingual retainer per arch

NO ADA code

Temporary anchorage screws per insert

Item 831

Lingual braces per arch .

Item 842

FIxed palatal expander

Diagnostic imaging

Item 072 +073 +071+071 +037+036
(pre-treatment set)

Item 834

Functional Appliance
Class 2 corrector

Item 825

Sequential plastic aligners per arch

Remember it is difficult to directly compare quotes because rarely will two practitioners recommend the exact similar treatment. Find out the expertise of the person who is actually going to be delivering your treatment and ask whether that is fair value.

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