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Braces for adults – Sydney Adult Braces

Adult braces treatment has always been a large part of our work in North Sydney Orthodontics, and even though it can be complex, Dr Daniels is always ready for a new challenge. Adult orthodontics often involves re-treatment of previous brace treatment that has relapsed, and sometimes the takeover of problem cases or transfer of treatment from other practices. We see high flying professional people, and uni students, and everyday workers and even the odd film star seeking our advanced treatments.

How is adult orthodontic treatment different?

Adults want straight teeth but they come with other demands, conditions and timescales that need a full range of orthodontic skills, experience and creativity to solve. Luckily we’re well practiced in non-extraction alignment, ortho-surgical correction, invisible braces and ‘invisalign’ treatment as well as the traditional expertise in visible braces – its all needed .

The Bride

“I don’t want braces and it must be ready in 6 months”

FIFO worker

“I can only come in once every 14 weeks”


“I need to be taken seriously”


“I can’t show my tooth gap on set”

We combine the strengths of different types of orthodontic appliance to create hybrid orthodontic treatment to overcome these challenges

Adults don’t want to share their treatment space with kids

we respect the diginity of the adult patients by having private individual treatment rooms – 4 walls and a door

Orthodontic problems that only adults have

Not only are adults more demanding than younger patients but they often have more difficult problems. They often come with reduced numbers of teeth and can be disillusioned from previous poor treatment


Missing lower R 1st molar and impacted Lower R 3rd molar

Treatment Methods

Visible Braces

Correction of major growth disturbances with jaw surgery

Orthodontic issues caused by significant jaw growth disparities can only be addressed once growth is complete. When the upper and lower jaws are not well-aligned, it can lead to difficulties in chewing and affect the appearance of the teeth


Class III skeletal growth

Treatment Methods

Visible Braces 2 Jaw surgery

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