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To achieve the best results, we pay attention to the personal needs of each patient and their family.

Whether our patients are children or adults, we create beautiful smiles using the latest orthodontic technology and techniques.

  • Nose breathing problems and orthodontics

    Nose breathing problems and orthodontics Nose breathing problems and orthodontic treatment have a contraversial relationship spanning several decades. If you cannot breath well through your nose you can only mouth breath. Mouth breathing requires the separation of the teeth and the forward posturing of the tongue with the mouth open. Common effects of mouth breathing Many have argued that mouth

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  • Early orthodontic treatment – braces for children

    Crooked teeth can develop very early in childhood, but surprisingly few children will benefit from orthodontic treatment before all the adult teeth have grown through. However, early treatment is important for a limited number of specific conditions to prevent damage to the adult teeth or to limit the effects of a developing growth problem.

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  • Cost of braces : Making orthodontics cheaper

    Cost of braces : Making orthodontics cheaper Can cheap orthodontic treatment be the best treatment? The best orthodontist in Sydney is not likely to be the cheapest you can find.  The cost of braces is a concern to many people and comparing prices between orthodontists can be difficult because orthodontists don’t usually ‘quote over the phone’.  Keeping a practice up to scratch

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  • North Sydney Orthodontics Invisalign

    North Sydney Orthodontics Plastic aligners (Invisalign) What is Invisalign? Invisalign is a big name in aligner therapy because in 1997 it was the first company to digitize the process of incremental tooth movement, to create gradual tooth movement from plastic overlays (aligners). Invisalign enjoyed patent protection for 20 years while it developed its brand and market position.  Since the patents expired

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  • Invisible Lingual Braces Fixed appliance precision without visible braces

    Invisible  braces ? Invisible braces or lingual braces are an orthodontic technique where braces are placed on the inner surface of the teeth.  Lingual braces are suitable for nearly all patients and offer a truly invisible way to straighten teeth.  As with any brace good oral hygiene is essential to ensure there are no problems with tooth decay.   Very often adults

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  • 6 MONTH BRACES – Speeding up tooth alignment

    “6 month braces” is the latest buzz word in orthodontic marketing . Six months braces – speedy braces -rapid smiles- straight teeth in no time at all – its what everybody wants but is this just marketing hype? Not every case can be treated in 6 months but with the right strategy it is possible to streamline many cases to make this hope a reality

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  • 11 ways we make your orthodontic treatment cheaper

    1)  Free consultations  Between 10am and 12pm weekdays we offer 10 minute free consultation (subject to availability) so you can find out what you need to know before you commit to treatment.   Our free consultation is only offered to older teenagers and adults with a completed dentition to discuss treatment by one nominated treatment method, e.g. for suitability for invisalign.

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