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All about braces

Orthodontic braces

Orthodontic braces are used to straighten teeth and there are many different designs for different problems. Sydney Orthodontist Dr Charles Daniels has a wide experience with most types of brace but offers treatment mechanics to best suit the patient’s  malocclusion age and aesthetic requests. This page indexes the types of mechanisms most commonly used at North Sydney Orthodontics so if you need to find out a bit more about a recommended treatment, you should find it in the list to the right.  If you are interested in brace treatment for a particular condition look under crooked teeth.

Many of our patients opt for standard or self ligating braces to the outside of the teeth being the most versatile and cost effective and efficient means of alignment but we offer  clear braces, invisible lingual braces, and  Invisalign, as more aesthetic options. Other types of braces can be removable like the traditional removable ‘plate ‘ and some are even screwed directly to the bone.

Fixed braces used align and impacted canine tooth

Orthodontics was the first specialty of dentistry which reflects the unique way that orthodontic plans and devices are developed and implimented. The scientific basis which underpins much of orthodontic treatment is beyond the scope of the general dentist’s training and it is important to get the right advice when you are thinking about straightening your teeth or even something bigger like correcting a growth discrepancy of the jaws.

If you are still thinking about which brace would be right for you or your child you should book an appointment through our reception or use the link below to book your appointment online.

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