straight teeth for teens

Orthodontic treatment for teenagers

Braces and aligners are now commonly used to straighten teens crooked teeth. Teenagers are more than just big kids so we take care to partner with our teen clients to create fabulous smiles.

The best time to do orthodontic treatment?

The teenage is the best time to do brace treatment because the adult dentition completes around 12 years of age. Except for a few kid’s orthodontic problems , the entire range of orthodontic problems appear and are treatable during the teenage years.

For most patients treatment with fixed appliances is the most efficient and effective way of straightening the teeth. Teenagers enjoy the fun of choosing colours to adorn metal braces but we also offer clear braces, and invisalign may be suitable for the older teenager.

do I need teeth taking out ?

Brace treatment for teens at North Sydney Orthodontics is typically 18 months-24 months. The decison for extractions mostly depends on whether the teeth stick out too much.

find the planning process demands a decisionIts possible to get small amounts of space from methods which don’t require extractions or distalisation, using orthopaedic’ arch expansion, interdental enamel reduction and functional orthodontic devices . Dr Daniels uses all these methods to achieve outstanding smiles for teenagers.

Now that the adult dentition is nearly complete we must plan how to align the teeth within the available space. The decision can be easy if your teeth stick out of your mouth and are crowded like this you can’t hope to get a functional and attarctive smile without pulling back the front teeth somehow

To reduce the prominence of protrusive teeth there must be space to pull the front teeth back. This either comes from driving the entire dentition backwards using temporary anchorage screws (distalisation), or by space creation through extractions (find out more) and sometimes by both.

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