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Braces for teens

Braces for teenagers

Braces are commonly used to straighten crooked teeth and create fabulous smiles, but the key to success is a great partnership between the orthodontist and patient. Teenagers are more than just big kids so we take care to include both the parent and teenager in all discussions we have.  We understand that teenagers get bored so we’ve installed playstations in our waiting area and even videos on the roof of our treatment areas. The permanent  dentition usually establishes around the age of 12- 13 years  and as this is also an age of rapid growth, it is often the best time to get many orthodontic problems sorted out. Orthodontic treatment for teenagers involves aligning the established permanent teeth to a functional and aesthetic smile.  Usually teenagers have a healthy set of teeth which keeps treatment as simple as possible.

Almost the entire range of orthodontic problems occur and are treatable during the teenage years. For most patients treatment with fixed appliances is the most efficient and effective way of straightening the teeth. Teenagers enjoy the fun of choosing colours to adorn metal braces but we also offer clear braces, and invisalign may be suitable for the older teenager.

Orthodontics and teeth extractions

The number 1 question we are asked is do I need to have teeth extracted? Some orthodontists and dentists  claim to use a ‘new orthopaedic’ methods for treating crooked teeth that doesn’t involve extractions and is better for the facial aesthetics compared to ‘standard orthodontics’.  In fact ‘orthopaedic orthodontic’ methods are learned by all properly trained orthodontists.  Orthopaedic orthodontics is only one method that Dr Daniels uses to achieve outstanding smiles for teenagers.

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