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Orthodontic treatment of impeded incisors

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Impeded eruption of the incisor teeth is a problem that can be diagnosed at a relatively early age and treatment is best initiated as soon as the problem is diagnosed. The problem most commonly affects the upper incisors though can also affect the lower incisors.  The cause of the problem can be due to the presence of an obstruction such as an extra tooth (supernumerary tooth) or occasionally if there has been an injury to the primary teeth .

Treatment involves (surgical) removal of any obstruction to the growth of the incisor and usually application of orthodontic traction to deliver the tooth into the mouth using fixed appliances.

The aim of treatment is simply to deliver the incisor tooth into a functional position but the early age at which this is normally undertake precludes a definitive treatment in most cases (because the remaining permanent teeth don’t enter the mouth until 11-12 years of age on average).

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