Retainers from North Sydney Orthodontics

There are 2 main types of removable retainers available and lots of fixed retainer designs.  We provide simply the best replacement retainers in Sydney, using super accurate digital dental scanning and 3D printing. Made on site with a choice of materials, our retainers are delivered quickly and have a custom fit and tightness adjusted to your tooth shape.

It doesn’t matter who your treatment was provided by, we can provide the best replacement retainers to maintain your beautiful smile.  If you are one of our patients and you have recently lost your retainers, let us know ASAP.  Your digital models obtained at the end of treatment should still be current if you completed orthodontic treatment after the age of 16 and you were wearing your retainers at least on alternate nights.  If Dr Daniels carried out your treatment in Wagga Wagga or Wollongong you can call or email North Sydney Orthodontics directly to arrange replacement retainers. We often send vacuum formed (clear plastic)) retainers by post for convenience.

Cost of replacement retainers

Cost of removable retainers depends on whether a new scan and model is required and the type of retainer to be made but ranges from $150 to $400 per retainer. Fixed retainers can sometimes be repaired  or may require complete replacement and charges range from $150 to $450. 

Why the need for retainers?

After braces or aligners are removed the teeth can drift out of position again.  Removable retainers  support the teeth in their new positions so it is important to wear them as instructed. wearing your retainers once or twice per week long term is the best way to keep your teeth perfectly straight.  Teeth move very little after reaching full maturity but unfortunately some treatments are unstable and require long term wearing of retainers to avoid serious relapse.

How to use and care for removable retainers

Removable retainers are made of plastic ( Vacuum Formed ) or wire and plastic (Hawley).  Wear your retainers every night initially.  After 12 months you can wear your retainers less. Take your retainers out for eating, contact sports and swimming and remember to put retainers in their case. Pets love to chew retainer and restaurant waiters often throw them away

Clean your retainers well every day with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Use warm but not hot water. You could try Retainer-Brite or denture cleaners to soak the retainers but proper brushing is the most important process. Keep retainers away from hot water, hot car dashboards, pockets, the washing machine.

At first you might lisp and dribble, but don’t worry this will improve.  Your retainers should be usable (if not perfect) for at least 12 -14 months.  Don’t throw away broken retainers if you wish to request a free replacement within the initial 14 months of issue. Additional charges always apply for lost retainers! Remember to bring your retainers to your appointments.

Fixed retainers

Fixed Retainers are needed when teeth are initially very twisted, crooked or spaced.  The fixed retainer wire attaches to the inner surfaces of the front teeth using dental cement.  The orthodontist or dentist should check that the fixed wire is secure at least every year. You should use Superfloss or a water flosser to clean in between your teeth because clean teeth are essential for oral health.

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