Can an orthodontist save my wisdom teeth ?

Impacted wisdom teeth are relatively common. The easiest treatment is to extract the impacted tooth but if there has been previous loss of other adult teeth it may be possible to bring the wisdom tooth in to the dental arch. Not only will this save a tooth but may help to restore the function of the dentition and save the cost of expensive tooth replacement implants.

In this example the lower first molar (on the left hand side of the film) has been previously extracted and the wisdom tooth on the same side is lying on its side (impacted).  The wisdom tooth was uprighted and the first molar space was closed as part of the orthodontic treatment in 18 months.






An alternative ‘orthodontic’ treatment plan had been offered by a dentist who suggested extraction of the wisdom tooth and  placement of a dental implant at the position of the previously extracted first molar – a much more expensive treatment option!

Impacted second molars – a difficult problem that can be solved

A much less common problem is the impacted second molar tooth, which tips over and the wisdom tooth develops on top of it preventing normal growth of the second molar. This problem has previously been thought impossible to treat or not worth it – with extraction of both teeth being a common treatment solution. However Dr Daniels enjoys a challenge and has successfully treated several cases like the one below, which require extraction of the wisdom tooth and orthodontic therapy to upright the second molar.

In this example the lower right a second molar (on the left hand side of the film) is lying on its side (impacted) with the wisdom tooth preventing its correction.  The wisdom tooth was surgically removed and the second molar then uprighted as part of a course of orthodontic treatment

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