Personalised orthodontic treatment for all ages

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Orthodontic patients come in all shapes and sizes. We’re specialised

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We will listen to you and pay attention to the personal needs of each patient and their family to achieve the best results.
Whether our patients are children or adults, we create beautiful smiles using the latest orthodontic technology and techniques.

Great smiles for young children

From the age 7 onwards, some children can benefit from orthodontic treatment that avoids more serious problems later, and theres a few important things that need to be spotted early

Great smiles for teenagers

We use expanders braces and invisalign to straighten crooked teeth. The key to success is a great partnership between the orthodontist and patient.

Great smiles for adults

Young adults often demand less visible appliances and may present challenges with previous failed treatment and the need for major jaw surgery

Great smiles for seniors

Older adults are increasingly seeking orthodontics to allow their self image to match their young at heart attitude. The older dentition needs careful and sympathetic planning

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You can expect personal attention from the orthodontist in your own private room

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