Invisible Orthodontics

Invisible braces, also called lingual braces are a great way get straight teeth in secret.   At North Sydney invisible braces we have used several different invisible orthodontic systems over 10 years and know all the tricks of the trade to get teeth straight using invisible braces. The latest invisible braces are suitable for adults and older teenagers.  Our current invisible brace treatments are powered by Suresmile – the most advanced orthodontic technology in the world, and we’re the largest Suresmile lingual practice in Sydney.  We now expect our invisible brace treatments to match the highest standards of conventional orthodontic treatment.   If you are interested in the most discrete and precise way to straighten your teeth we will not waste your time with talk of clear braces or aligners.

BEWARE  not all invisible braces are the same – if its not Suresmile then its not the best technology available.  Technology is everything for invisible braces

Why should I get North Sydney Orthodontics to do my invisible braces?

We offer the best invisible braces technology – quicker,  more precise and more comfortable than any other system – and its much cheaper than other competing invisible braces

 What’s great about Invisible braces?

The hidden version of regular braces – the orthodontists favorite appliance.  Suresmile Invisible braces can achieve the same quality of results that regular braces achieve and are applicable to any type of tooth alignment problem.  Invisible braces don’t need to be removed for eating or drinking so can’t be lost. All our invisible cases have a custom set-up . This means more efficient and faster treatment. 

BEWARE  not all invisible braces are the same – if its not Suresmile then its not the best technology available.

How do invisible braces work?

Similar to regular braces invisible braces are glued to the teeth and a wire is attached to the brackets that provides the force and direction for the tooth movements.   The treatment (below) was undertaken using a simple low profile 2D bracket.   With more sophisticated appliances we can  undertake any treatment even extraction therapy and jaw surgery cases.   Adjustment appointments are required similar to regular braces but usually the duration of appointments is slightly longer.  A sequence of custom wires is prescribed to position the teeth. You’ll visit Dr. Daniels about once every 6 weeks to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.

Getting started : treatment planning for efficiency, effectiveness and cost


Invisible braces come in a variety of sophistication and costs, so choosing the appropriate appliance is crucial to ensure you get the result you’re after. Following your initial consultation a full treatment plan with all the alternative methods available will be provided. Once you are happy to proceed we obtain a digital model of your teeth and a virtual setup is created to simulate your end result. You can see the intended result and discuss the treatment aims before placement of the brackets.

Creating the appliance

lingual braces setup

In the picture a custom set up was done using a digital simulation .
Using this method lingual brackets are affixed to a transfer templates to position the brackets accurately on your teeth. The virtual setup shows the eventual tooth positions the brace is to create.  We usually get you into your invisible braces  within 2 weeks from the initial scan.

 Placement of appliances

We normally place both upper and lower braces at a single appointment. The bracket set up is transferred to the teeth in the mouth using a transfer tray.  At the same appointment a new dental scan is obtained to register the bracket position to the teeth and custom wires are made by Suresmile.

What is the cost of a consultation for invisible braces?

Invisible braces treatment is suitable for most patients. We offer a Free invisible braces Suitability Check. The suitability check is a short consultation limited to discussion of invisible braces suitability only.  No other treatment method will be discussed.

If you wish to discuss all of the available methods for getting your teeth straight our usual consultation  fee of $140.00 will apply (excludes documentation records).  A percentage of this fee is claimable through almost all health insurance companies.

What is the cost of invisible braces ?

The total cost for invisible braces varies from approximately $7500 for a ‘social 6’ treatment (shown above)  to $15000.00 for a full custom set up.

Can a dentist offer invisible braces cheaper?

Suresmile technology is only available from a select number of specialist orthodontists.   BEWARE  not all invisible braces are the same – if its not Suresmile then its not the best technology available.  Technology is everything for invisible braces

Will insurance cover any of the cost of my invisible braces treatment ?

Yes, providing you have orthodontic coverage , invisible braces should be covered to the same extent as conventional braces.

Do I need to have teeth removed for invisible braces treatment?

It depends on the problem, but invisible braces are flexible enough to deal with any orthodontic problem

What if I am planning to travel or move away for an indefinite period?

Invisible braces require a high level of skill and experience to succeed. If you are planning a prolonged or indefinite move away to another State or Country you may have difficulty finding an orthodontist who will continue your lingual brace treatment, however we will do whatever we can to assist your treatment transfer.

 Is invisible braces treatment painful ?

Most people experience temporary, discomfort for a few days at the beginning of treatment. This is a normal part of all orthodontic treatments and invisible braces areno different in this regard

Will invisible braces affect my speech?

Invisible braces usually cause a mild lisp, however none of our patients so far have reported it to be a major problem.  Recent improvement in bracket designs has reduced the size of the brackets.  The latest designs are less irritating for the tongue and easier to speak normally.

Will my teeth remain straight after invisible braces treatment ?

Like all orthodontic treatment relapse of alignment is a possibility so a retention strategy is required to keep teeth straight once active treatment is completed.  The type of available retainers will be discussed with you.

Will invisible braces affect the types of food I can eat?

Yes you should avoid hard and sticky foods sugary foods and fizzy drinks – just like regular braces.

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