Why Chose us

A practice designed around the patients

North Sydney Orthodontics is on the 5th floor of a modern office block and was designed to make the most of our beautiful surroundings.  We cater for children and adults with our spacious and private treatment rooms for complete comfort and confidentiality.  We take your safety seriously and adhere to the most up to date cross-infection control policies.    We boast full diagnostic facilities on site with digital x-rays and 3d dental scanner 

If you arrive early  there is plenty to occupy you in our beautiful waiting area from widescreen TV,  the latest magazines and even Sony playstations!  We provide a hygienic and discrete toothbrushing / make-up bay just inside the clinic area – so you never have to face the world not looking your best!

If your appointment is around lunchtime there are a number of pleasant restaurants close by to grab a bite to eat, as well as the amenities of the North Sydney business district.

Advanced Orthodontic technologies

We use the most advanced digital orthodontic technologies in the world. We are experts at invisible braces and are officially the largest Suresmile (Lingual) invisible braces practice in New South Wales.  Suresmile technology drives regular brace treatment to be faster and of a higher precision.  This technology is NOT available at any general dentist practice, and very few orthodontic practices  have accredited in this technology.  While exploiting the latest technologies,  our treatment is girded by years of experience using all forms of contemporary orthodontic techniques.  And we are always searching for ways to make treatment faster, and better.

You are the one and only

We design your smile to enhance your oral health and be in harmony with your facial appearance, by careful diagnosis and treatment planning the appropriate methods to get the best results. If it requires extractions, jaw surgery, implant screws,  just braces or whatever- we can do it. We believe that one size does not ‘fit all’,  the plan must fit the patient.

All options are on the table

Whenever possible we will offer you a choice of appliance design and we’ll help you understand the options available so you can make the best choice.  We love invisible braces, and we also offer invisalign and clear braces and all types of braces if that is what you want. – its your choice.

We routinely place fixed retainers

Believe it or not many orthodontists only fit removable plates at the end of treatment to maintain the tooth alignment  – however in our experience a much more reliable way to ensure teeth remain straight is to place fixed retaining wires to the inside of the teeth – and this is what we do for almost all our patients – it works

We make it fun

Whatever you do in life its always a little better if its made fun and friendly and easy- and that is how we try to run our practice to make it a happy place for you to come to and for us to work in.

Honest Orthodontics

We try hard to make our communication understandable for you.  We provide comprehensive written information about your proposed treatment and anticipated costs.  We are honest about uncertainties in any proposed treatment and welcome any questions you may have about your treatment.  We encourage parents to accompany their children into the treatment room so we can keep you informed on progress and have a chat.

 We respect your right to privacy

With your comfort in mind we have individual consultation and treatment rooms  there’s no distractions from other patients.  You are assured a completely discrete service.  If you want to be more than a number in the production line we will treat you as a valued individual.

We might save you money at the dentist

We can extract heavily restored teeth and use the space to align the rest of your teeth saving the cost of repairing and replacing dodgy teeth and getting straight teeth in the process.  We have avoided the need for dental implants by orthodontic space closure saving patients several thousand dollars.  We have corrected horizontally impacted wisdom teeth – improving the patient’s dentition and avoiding a surgical wisdom tooth extraction – don’t have good wisdom teeth extracted if you have crowded teeth – you might need them.

We respect your money

We don’t waste your money – so we’ll only propose treatment we are confident has worthwhile benefit,  and we guarantee great value for money by our 11 ways we’ll save you money

 Just need something simple

If you have lost your retainers or need repairs to fixed retainers we offer a quick turnaround and often on the spot repairs for fixed retainers for casual patients.

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