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Invisalign – the no braces alternative

Invisalign – one of the biggest orthodontic brands in the world was invented by technologist Zia Chisti, as a patient who hated his braces. Invisalign is now synonymous with straightening teeth with plastic templates, and we make our own ‘North Sydney’ invisalign treatment version right here. How is this possible ? Invisalign patents expired in 2017 opening the market to other aligner manufacturers so thanks to clever software and 3d printing, in house aligners are manufactured in many of the most advanced orthodontic practices

Advantages of Invisalign

  • Clear aligners are less visible than braces
  • Oral hygiene is eaiser
  • Invisalign is well suited to patients who have previously had gum problems they are removable
  • Tooth movements can be staged in tiny increments for special cases
  • Eating and drinking is unaffected while in treatment
  • Invisalign is more comfortable than braces or invisible braces
  • Invisalign is often quicker than braces for very minor alignments
  • its easy to see how the plan using the Digital treatments simulation

North Sydney Invisalign Q and A

Plastic used for aligners

Cost of Invisalign invisalign Cost

Is Invisalign for everyone?

Invisalign is a useful product in the hands of a trained orthodontist, and patients generally are keen to embrace it. Experience shows that plastic aligners work best for patients with mild irregularity and good motivation. Even though invisalign is heavily marketed by Aligner manufacturers it is the dentist who is responsible for the treatment outcome using aligner products. We have successfully treated many patients who except for invisalign would never have considered orthodontic treatment. Its not for every case – but then neither is braces nor any other device!


If you are wondering what can be achieved with aligners check out our aligner results page

Aligner care

check out the correct care for your aligners and removable retainers

hybrid cases

Combining aligners with other treatment methods can work around some of the limitations of a single system

invisalign – the disadvantages

  • Aligners need visible attachments to work well
  • The use of orthodontic elastics can be tricky
  • Aligners can adversely affect how well the teeth settle into an even bite
  • lipstick or blood on the aligners can look scarey
  • Aligner treatments is less predictable than braces
  • Uses plastic and lots of it – the environmental impact is unknown
Visible invisalign attachments
Visible attachments on the front teeth
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