One of the most common questions at our office is “when do I get my braces off?” With traditional treatment methods, it takes two years on average to achieve a beautiful healthy smile and involves regular office visits and interruptions to work and school.

At North Sydney Orthodontics, the rules are changing.  We now offer SureSmile® Precision Braces.  SureSmile is a technology breakthrough in orthodontics and provides us the tools to offer: shorter treatment times, fewer office visits, and less overall discomfort (due to fewer wire changes). With SureSmile, Dr. Daniels can still deliver outstanding treatment results, but with less time and inconvenience for the patient.

To see SureSmile in action, visit their website at  And, if you or a family member is interested in a beautiful smile but not years in braces, contact our office to learn more about SureSmile Precision Braces.

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