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Standard braces

Orthodontic Braces- visible braces

Standard metal braces are the most reliable and popular choice of visible fixed braces. There are many different brands of fixed braces and we only chose Japanese or American brackets for their high quality and precision. We combine our standard braces with Suresmile custom wires for the fastest and most precise treatment.  With these great technologies we expect treatment time to the highest standard within 9 to 12 months in most cases- also have a look at our strategies to speed up treatment.


Standard metal braces come in lots of different forms and commonest and most versatile design uses a simple horizontal slot cut into the front surface for the wire to lie inside. The wire can be held in using a silicone elastics, a piece of soft wire or a sliding door. The Damon bracket shown opposite is the berst known self-ligating bracket

Advantages of Standard braces

  • Standard braces are robust and allow flexibility in the treatment
  • They are a great choice for teenagers
  • Regular braces are effective and widely used by orthodontists around the world – so little problem to transfer treatment
  • Can be integrated with Suresmile wires for higher efficiency
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Cost of Braces

Are braces for everyone?

Metal braces are the original device, if we could only use one thing, metal braces would be the choice. If you prefer the same mechanical advantages but can’t face the metal we offer clear ceramic braces and even invisible braces


If you are wondering what can be achieved with braces check out our clear braces results page

Brace care

check out the correct care for your braces

hybrid cases

Combining braces with other treatment methods can work around some of the limitations of a single system

Disadvantages of braces
  • Braces require extra effort to keep hygienic
  • Not everybody wants the hip hop look
deep bites can be tricky
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