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CLear braces

Clear braces – visible braces

Clear braces are the most popular choice of visible fixed braces for adult patients, and North Sydney Orthodontics takes pride in giving adults a wide choice of top performing treatment options.   We strongly suggest to combine clear braces with Suresmile high technology wires for the fastest and most precise treatment.  With these great technologies we expect treatment time to the highest standard within 9 to 12 months in most cases- also have a look at our strategies to speed up treatment.


We use the highest quality and best designed ceramic brackets. Clear brackets are made by many different brands and there are standard and self- ligating versions of these brackets. This one is a standard bracket using clear silicone elastics to hold the wire in place.

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Advantages of Clear braces

  • Clear braces are less visible than braces
  • Clear braces share similar biomechanics to standard braces
  • Clear braces are effective and widely used by orthodontists around the world
  • Can be integrated with Suresmile wires for higher efficiency
Clear braces Q and A
Cost of Clear Braces

Are Clear braces for everyone?

Clear braces have been a mainstay of orthodontics for many years and most patients are suitable to use clear braces.


If you are wondering what can be achieved with clear braces check out our clear braces results page

Brace care

check out the correct care for your braces

hybrid cases

Combining braces with other treatment methods can work around some of the limitations of a single system

Not suitable for Clear braces
  • Clear braces are less suited to lower teeth when there is a deep bite because ceramic is an abrasive material for the opposite teeth to bite on
  • Clear braces are less suited to lower teeth because they are brittle and chewing forces on the wire can break the lower half of the brackets if hard food is consumed
deep bites can be tricky
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