Careful orthodontic treatment planning is the cornerstone of successful treatment. Not surprisingly, North Sydney Orthodontics is right up to date with the latest advances in business and clinical trends, and from the outset we invested in a fully computerised practice management system. This philosophy extends to our diagnosis, treatment planning and communications, with the use of appropriate diagnostic and demonstration software. 

Information from your photographs, xrays and plaster study models are assimilated into a comprehensive data set. The diagnostic information from these records previously took many hours to measure and analyse and was fraught with error.  Thanks to the wonder of modern computing we can now do this routinely for all our patients in a fraction of the time.  The diagnostic information reveals important relationships between your facial skeleton and dental positions.  Using this data helps us to determine the most appropriate tooth movements and hence the most appropriate appliances to recommend.


We will explain the diagnostic information to you and where possible provide treatment simulation to help you understand what is proposed and what the alternatives might offer.  


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