Damon braces North Sydney Orthodontics

Self ligating braces (Self tying braces) like the Damon system (Damon Braces) offer the possibility of shorter treatment times and less extractions for mild to moderately crowded crooked teeth. Self ligation braces originally conceived by Dr Dwight Damon are now common across many manufacturer’s bracket range.

His idea has been copied and redesigned by other companies and there is now a wide choice of these braces on the market, and there is still a lot of development and improvement occurring.

Many of the manufacturer’s initial claims have been debunked by independent scrutiny, and the biological expansion effect of the Damon system has more recently been attributed solely to the archwire shape used by Dr Damon, which can be used in any bracket. Many doctors still prefer self ligating braces because of the reduced appointment times and greater reliability of the wire to bracket relationship.  Our experience with the self ligating system has lead to other innovations in the practice especially in invisible braces.


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