Some of the terms used to describe orthodontic concepts are defined below. The terminology sometimes is different in different countries.

TermAlso calleddefinition
Malocclusion An arrangement of the teeth that is not ideal.
Skeletal Malocclusion jaw size discrepancyA anomaly of the jaw growth that is disproprotionate sufficient to cause noticable facial disharmony or asymmetry. A dental malocclusion is often secondary to a skeletal disproportion
Occlusionthe way the teeth bite together
Class 1 occlusionnormal occlusion, ideal occlusionThe ideal biting relationship  (most common Caucasian bite) commonly about 2-3mm horizontal overlap
Class 2 occlusionincreased overjet,The lower teeth are behind the Class 1 position, the overjet is usually more than 3mm
Class 3 Occlusionreverse overjet, underbite, bulldog biteThe lower teeth are biting in front of the ideal position. The overjet is less than 1mm and often reversed
EruptionThe growth of the teeth into the mouth and into an occlusion with the teeth in the opposing jaw
Overjetoften confused with overbite by laypersonshorizontal overlap of the upper incisors compared to the lower incisors ideal is usually approx 2-3mm
OverbiteVertical overlap of the upper incisors compared to the lower incisors -ideal usually approx 2-3mm
Incisor teeth4 Front teeth either side of the midline
Canine Teeth Third tooth from the midline (often fang shaped)
Premolar teeth(teeth before the molars) positioned 4th and 5th from the midline
Molar teeth large double teeth at the back of the mouth. comprising 1st molars, 2nd molars (12 year old molars) and 3rd molars (wisdom teeth )
Alignment how well the teeth fall on an ideal arch shape
Angulation AKA tip – a tilt of a tooth along a horizontal axis perpendicular to the arch
InclinationAKA Torque a tilt of a tooth along a horizontal axis parallel to the arch
Rotationa twist of a tooth along its long axis
Levellingreducing the overbite to normal
Relationshipsimilar to ‘occlusion’  how close to ideal the teeth bite
CrowdingThe amount of excess dental tissue to the arch length
Arch lengthThe length of the average line judged to describe the shape of the dental arch
Fixed applianceA brace that is bonded to the teeth
removable applianceA brace that is removable
TADmini screw, micro screw, mimi-implantA small screw temporarily inserted into the jawbone like a piercing
RPERapid Palatal expansion
MARPEBARPEMiniscrew assisted rapid palatal expansion (bone anchored rapid palatal expansion)
SARPESurgically assisted Rapid palatal expansion

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