Extra teeth or supernumerary teeth are simply teeth that are not part of the normal complement of teeth but may erupt normally or lie buried in the dental arch.  They may obstruct the normal growth and development of the dentition as usually there is insufficient room to accommodate extra teeth aesthetically in the smile.

Extraction is the usual treatment for supernumerary teeth followed by orthodontic alignment.  In the case below the extra tooth has erupted into the mouth in the upper midline and looks like a deformed incisor but the x-ray reveals the true incisor is impeded. The extra tooth was extracted and the true incisor erupted in about 12 months.  The patient is now undergoing routine orthodontic alignment and space closure.


In the case below there were 2 identical  upper right 2nd incisors marked x.  The plan was to extract the incisor furthest from the midline and align the remaining teeth.  Unfortunately the dentist removed the wrong incisor, however Dr Daniels was still able to align the teeth to a great result but it took a little longer.

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