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Orthodontic braces are the mainstay of most specialist orthodontic practices because they are reliable, cost-effective and flexible. Sydney Orthodontist Dr Charles Daniels has extensive training and experience with most types of bracket and brace and can advise you the best brace for your treatment.

This page highlights the variety of visible fixed braces and the types we’re currently using and how to care for your brace. If you trying to find out about brace treatment for a particular condition look under the topics in crooked teeth.

Standard visible braces

This will be the choice for a large majority of our patients. The bracket is the part attached to the tooth and contains a square cut out slot in which the arch wire fits. Fitting a rectangular cross-section wire into the slot give 3d control of the tooth position. The wire is held in place with silicone O rings or wire. This design has been almost unchanged since the late 1970s and is robust and flexible allowing many ad hoc variations in mechanics.

Sydney Fixed braces

Self Ligating braces

This variation of the standard bracket contains a sliding door to contain the wire instead of a silicone or wire tie. There have been many claims about possible advantages of these brackets but scientific evidence does not seem to bear out the marketing hype.

Sydney Fixed braces

Care for your visible braces

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Sydney Fixed braces

If you are still thinking about which brace would be right for you or your child you should book an appointment through our reception or use the link below to book your appointment online.

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