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Crossbite occurs when one or more teeth bite on the wrong side of the opposing teeth.  The normal relationship is the upper teeth positioned on the outside of the lower teeth.  The condition can arise due to local irregularity and crowding.  Crossbite can give rise to an unsustainable initial biting relationship (dental interference) that forces the lower jaw to deviate from the ideal arc of closure to a postured position.  Dental Interference frequently causes excessive wear to the surfaces of the involved teeth and is potentially damaging to growth and long term function of the jaw joints.  Correction of the crossbite will permit proper repair of the tooth surfaces (if required) and provides a more stable biting relationship, reducing the possibility of long-term damage to the jaw joints. Occasionally the crossbite occurs on both side of the back teeth and may interfere with the (theoretically preferable) dental guidance patterns during chewing.


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