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Treatment of prominent incisors

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Prominent upper incisors occur when the upper teeth are too far forward or when the lower jaw is too far back.  The relative size of the jaws affects the pattern of resting lip posture and it is sometimes impossible for the lips to remain closed (incompetent lip pattern) if the jaw discrepancy is severe.  People with incompetent lips suffer a higher rate of injury to the upper incisor.

Orthodontic treatment of prominent upper incisors is frequently demanded for aesthetic reasons, but can also be justified because of the increased risk of dental trauma and an association of increased gum disease.

Prominent  upper incisors can be pulled back if there is spacing around the upper teeth using fixed or removable appliances.  If more space is required it may be obtained using headgear to push the back teeth backwards,  or by creating space through dental extractions.  Alternatively if the lower jaw is small the relative prominence of the upper teeth can be corrected by encouraging forward movement of the lower jaw and teeth (growth modification) or ‘surgical enlargement’ of the lower jaw once growth has been completed.   A new type of surgery to correct jaw discrepancies in young children has been pioneered by Dr Paul Coceancig called jaw distraction.  The principle benefit is a definite change to the facial profile as well as nearly instant improvement / correction of the dental discrepancy. Dr Daniels is one of very orthodontists who has has worked with Dr Coceangic using this technique

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