1)  Free consultations  Between 10am and 12pm weekdays we offer 10 minute free consultation (subject to availability) so you can find out what you need to know before you commit to treatment.   Our free consultation is only offered to older teenagers and adults with a completed dentition to discuss treatment by one nominated treatment method, e.g. for suitability for invisalign. If you can’t make it during these times our regular consultation rate is $140 which you may be able to claim from your health fund, but with a regular consultation you have the advantage of flexibility of appointment times, a full discussion of all treatment options and diagnostic investigation can be undertaken (additional fees may apply). Due to scheduling and other considerations, some conditions apply for free consultations.

 We do not offer free consultations for :

    – Patients who are already in braces

    – Patients referred by a dentist for a specialist report

     Young children who still have baby teeth (because xrays are usually required  and child patients have more to discuss)

     Patients who have had a previous free consultation

    – Patients presenting complex problems who require liaison with other dental or medical specialists as part of their management – such referrals will not be made until a full consultation fee is paid

2) We only recommend treatment we are sure will benefit you

3) We don’t recommend treatment that is unproven or has a high potential for failure

4) Our quote is fully inclusive of all appointments and retainers fully costed

5) We don’t charge for documentation records if you are not ready for treatment

6) We save you time (and therefore money) by using efficient appointment scheduling and appliances to save you having extra visits

7) We offer a range of treatment options to suit budget and tastes

8) We only use top quality materials from leading manufacturers to minimize problems and breakages.  And for those patients who do experience the inconvenience of breakages we don’t charge for materials or the additional surgery time unless you exceed 5 extra appointments to fix breakages (most patients go the entire treatment with less than 3 breakages)

9) We only use top quality laboratories to make our appliances to ensure reliability.  If you break or lose a removable appliance we only charge the costs of replacing or repairing the appliance. i.e. we don’t profit from repairs

10) We offer concessionary rates for siblings and parents of current patients

11) Our pricing is very competitive  and we’ll beat any written quote for equivalent treatment from another specialist orthodontist

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