Hybrid and complex orthodontic braces

North Sydney Orthodontist hybrid braces Sydney braces – Hybrid braces – complex braces this page is still in development Hybrid orthodontic braces occur when fundamentally different alignment devices are used in the upper and lower jaw. The commonest combination in North Sydney Orthodontics are lingual upper braces and some version of standard lower braces. Hybrid

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Orthodontic retainers and the best replacement retainers.

  Retainers from North Sydney Orthodontics There are 2 main types of removable retainers available and lots of fixed retainer designs.  We provide simply the best replacement retainers in Sydney, using super accurate digital dental scanning and 3D printing. Made on site with a choice of materials, our retainers are delivered quickly and have a

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Functional braces

Functional appliances At North Sydney Orthodontics we prefer to treat severe Class II malocclusion (increased overjet / buck teeth) using growth modification techniques (dento-facial orthopedics).  This type of appliance is used predominantly in the growing child and can help to avoid the need for dental extractions and jaw surgery, Twin Block Therapy The Twin Block

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Removable braces

Removable appliances or plates are useful for undertaking a limited number of tooth movements but usually for early treatment involving arch expansion to correct cross-bite For any removable appliance to work efficiently it must be worn according to the orthodontist’s instructions, usually for 20 hours each day at least. Your plate should be removed for

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Fixed expanders

These appliances are commonly used to correct crossbites or make space and have several designs; Quad helix This appliance is used to rotate the first molars and expand the side teeth by  tipping.  The appliance is activated and adjusted by the orthodontist 2 or 3 times over 9 months. Rapid Palatal Expansion This is a

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Invisible braces

Invisible braces Lingual braces are braces that are positioned on the inner surface of the teeth.  Lingual braces are suitable for nearly all patients and offer a truly invisible way to straighten teeth.  As with any brace good oral hygiene is essential to ensure there are no problems with tooth decay.   Very often adults present

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Invisalign Sydney

Personalised orthodontic treatment for all ages North Sydney Invisalign Orthodontics SYDNEY ORTHODONTIST, DR CHARLES DANIELS, CREATES BEAUTIFUL SMILES FOR ADULTS Our website is currently updating its structure and appearance. We’ll be finished fixing it by the end of June. Sydney Invisalign -North Sydney invisalign More than18 years established Sydney invisalign practice -North Sydney Orthodontics. Invisalign

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