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Hybrid orthodontic braces occur when fundamentally different alignment devices are used in the upper and lower jaw. The commonest combination in North Sydney Orthodontics are lingual upper braces and some version of standard lower braces. Hybrid and complex braces are usually the resultof the patient’s choice rather than the doctors suggestion. But its nice to know that whatever you might want is nearly always possible –

This page highlights examples of how we have combined different types of braces to meet the patients particular requirements. If you trying to find out about brace treatment for a particular condition look under the topics in crooked teeth.

Standard visible braces and invisalign

Set against fixed braces aligner therapy can lag behind when its like for like so a mix of aligners and fixed braces can work when there is already quite good alignment in one arch but more challenging alignment problems in the opposing arch

Sydney Fixed braces

Lingual braces and standard braces

This variation of the standard bracket contains a sliding door to contain the wire instead of a silicone or wire tie. There have been many claims about possible advantages of these brackets but scientific evidence does not seem to bear out the marketing hype.

Sydney Fixed braces

Lingual braces and invisalign to finish

Sometimes in the later stages of lingual treatment the space closure of extraction spaces can be impeded by (1st and 2nd order) bends in the arch wires so it can be quicker to exit the lingual braces when there is less than a mm of space remaining to close the space on aligners and usually only a few aligners are needed

Sydney Fixed braces

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