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Cost of braces : Making orthodontics cheaper
September 30, 2014 Dr Charles Daniels

Cost of braces : Making orthodontics cheaper

Can cheap orthodontic treatment be the best treatment?

The best orthodontist in Sydney is not likely to be the cheapest you can find.  The cost of braces is a concern to many people and comparing prices between orthodontists can be difficult because orthodontists don’t usually ‘quote over the phone’.  Keeping a practice up to scratch and using the latest technology can add considerably to the cost of providing treatment, giving a cost advantage to more outdated practices.  We maintain the highest standards and offer the most advanced technologies.  Certainly we see many patients for whom cost is only a secondary consideration,  but our prices are affordable for ordinary workers like public service workers ,  IT workers, office workers, taxi drivers, as well as business owners,  entrepreneurs, company directors and chief executives – we see them all.

If you are ringing around to find the ‘cheapest braces in Sydney’ remember that fees vary for different types of treatment as well as between different orthodontists – and most of the variation in price is related to the problem being treated and the appliances being used.  Our fees reflect very good value, and our patients recommend us because we offer a friendly, efficient and high quality personal service.  We disclose all treatment costs before performing treatment so you don’t get any nasty surprises, and we offer a choice of payment structures to make orthodontic treatment affordable.

How we make your orthodontic treatment cheaper

1)    Free consultations  Between 10am and 12pm weekdays we offer 10 minute free consultation (subject to availability) so you can find out what you need to know before you commit to treatment.   Our free consultation is offered to adult patients  (but charges for xrays will apply to allow a proper assessment). Usually there will only be time to discuss treatment by one nominated treatment method, e.g. for suitability for invisalign. If you can’t make it during these times our regular consultation rate is $140 (excluding documentation records) which you may be able to claim from your health fund, but with a regular consultation you have the advantage of flexibility of appointment times, a full discussion of all treatment options and diagnostic investigation can be undertaken (additional fees may apply).

 We do not offer free consultations for :

    X Patients who are already in braces

    X Patients referred by a dentist for a specialist report

    X Young children who still have baby teeth (because xrays are usually required  and child patients have more to discuss)

    X Patients who want to ask about lots of different methods of treatment and wish to be fully appraised of all possibilities including 6 month braces- so please don’t book a free consultation if you need to ask lots of questions – read the information available in this website first and come prepared!

    X Patients who have had a previous free consultation

   X Patients who failed to attend for a previous consultation 

    X Patients presenting complex problems who require liaison with other dental or medical specialists as part of their management – such referrals will not be made until a full consultation fee is paid

2)     We only recommend treatment we are sure will benefit you

3)    We don’t recommend treatment that is unproven or has a high potential for failure

4)    We don’t sneak in extra costs by billing separately for retainers

5)    We don’t charge for documentation records if you are not ready for treatment

6)    We save you time (and therefore money) by using efficient appointment scheduling and appliances to save you having extra visits

7)    We offer a range of treatment options to suit budget and tastes

8)    We only use top quality materials from leading manufacturers to minimize problems and breakages.  And for those patients who do experience the inconvenience of breakages we don’t charge for materials or the additional surgery time unless you exceed 5 extra appointments to fix breakages (most patients go the entire treatment with less than 3 breakages)

9)    We only use top quality laboratory equipment to make our appliances, ensuring reliability.  If you break or lose a removable appliance we only charge the costs of replacing or repairing the appliance. i.e. we don’t profit from repairs

10)    We offer concessionary rates for siblings and parents of current patients living in the same household

11)    Our pricing is very competitive  and we’ll beat any written quote for equivalent treatment from another specialist orthodontist

Shopping around – Orthodontic 2nd opinions

If you have already received a treatment proposal from an orthodontist or dentist and you don’t like what they proposed you might benefit from a second opinion.  Just bring any previous diagnostic models, x-rays and contract documents you have to your first appointment with Dr Daniels, and we’ll figure out what you require to get the smile you desire.  If you know the type of treatment you want you may be able to take advantage of our free consultation (see details above) otherwise we make a $140 charge for the ‘consultation’ (excluding documentation records)  and we are happy to assimilate any records you have previously obtained (provided they are sufficiently good quality) without duplicating previous charges.

If you are in ‘active treatment’ and have fallen out with your orthodontist or you are concerned that your treatment is not progressing as it should we are happy to provide a second opinion however it is likely that considerable time will be required to discuss the various issues so free consultations are not offered for diagnosing and discussing the options to rectify treatment problems of other practices.

Transferring orthodontic treatment

If you have already started treatment and seek to transfer your care (e.g. if you are moving to Sydney from overseas or ‘interstate’) we are happy to see you for a $140 evaluation appointment to discuss the basis of the transfer. Try to obtain copies of your initial moulds, x-rays films and photos if possible.  Transferring treatment can sometimes mean the original plan or appliance is changed.  At the end of treatment a number of costs are borne by the practice to complete the case and of course a legal liability is taken on by the practice once your treatment is adopted.  If there are problems with your pre-existing treatment a good result can take longer to obtain than you may have been told by your previous orthodontist.  Over the previous twenty years of practice we have always accepted transferring patients many of whom have been declined by other orthodontists.  At any rate it is likely that the costs we charge will be more than simply the remaining balance of your previous treatment.

Orthodontic Insurance Benefits

We are happy to accept patients with private health insurance benefits but we advise you that we are independent of any insurance fund or third party.  While we are happy to offer all reasonable assistance with your insurance claims, your insurance benefits are ultimately a matter between you and your fund, and you are responsible for payment of your treatment fees.

For a full treatment planning consultation the following Australian Dental Association treatment item codes are usually charged

017 Consultation on referral   or 015 Consultation without referral

071 Diagnostic models (usually 2 are required)

073 Photographs outside the mouth , 072 photographs inside the mouth

081 Analysis of Cephalometric X-ray film

082 Tooth size / and ratio analysis of dental arch

If x-rays are required the most likely codes are

037 Dental Panoramic Tomogram, 036 Lateral skull cephalogram

You will be advised of the appropriate treatment codes at your treatment planning appointment  e.g. 831 Fixed braces to one arch   821Removable brace to one arch

I was always very conscious of the responsibility that being a professional person brings, and I have always striven to be the best practitioner I can be and advise and treat my patients in their best interest.
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