Invisible  braces ?

Invisible braces or lingual braces are an orthodontic technique where braces are placed on the inner surface of the teeth.  Lingual braces are suitable for nearly all patients and offer a truly invisible way to straighten teeth.  As with any brace good oral hygiene is essential to ensure there are no problems with tooth decay.   Very often adults present with relapsed orthodontic alignment requiring quite minor repositioning but are not prepared to wear regular braces again. – for a simple re-alignment the cost can be very competitive compared to other ‘invisible techniques’ and the results are impressive.

What’s great about Invisible braces?

The lingual brace is truly invisible and once the speech has adapted (usually 2-3 weeks) the appliance is secret to the outside world.  Lingual braces can achieve the same quality of results that regular braces achieve but are technically demanding. Its possible to use lingual invisible braces to upper teeth , lower teeth or both,  or mix it with other appliances such as regular braces or removable appliances. This can make it much cheaper while maintaining a high standard of treatment outcome.

How do invisible braces work?

Similar to regular braces – lingual (invisible) braces are glued to the teeth and a wire is attached to the brackets that provides the force and direction for the tooth movements. At North Sydney Orthodontics we have experience of three different types of lingual braces depending on the problem and treatment aims. A very simple alignment as shown below can be tackled with a simple appliance system and is cheaper than a full prescription appliance.  However simple appliances cannot be used to treat complex problems involving multiple tooth corrections , cases requiring extraction of teeth  or any case requiring precise control of the root tips – which is most cases.  We use a full prescription patient customized appliance for these cases and we even carry out  jaw surgery cases using these appliances.  The set up for these complex cases requires care an planning and our preferred system now uses the most advanced computer and industrial process to provide truly customized patient care. Adjustment appointments are required similar to regular braces but usually the duration of appointments is slightly longer because manipulation of  lingual braces is more tricky than regular braces. A sequence of custom wires is prescribed to position the teeth. You’ll visit Dr. Daniels about once every 6 weeks to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned. Total treatment time averages 14-24 months.

The case shown here was a simple ‘social 6’ type treatment and took 9 months.  Social 6 treatment is only applicable when 1 or 2 front teeth are slightly crooked

Getting started : treatment planning for efficiency, effectiveness and cost

ForestadentLingual braces come in a variety of sophistication and costs.  We have around 10 years of experience of different systems for lingual braces, but we have streamlined the range of appliances we offer because one technology has now appeared which eclipses all other methods for quality and speed.  Our patients are delighted that our lingual braces powered by Suresmile  get great results often in less time than regular braces.  Following your initial consultation, Dr Daniels will advise which invisible system can work for you. A full treatment plan with all the alternative methods available will be provided. Once you are happy to proceed the working impression of your teeth is obtained and working models made to set up your treatment .

Creating the appliance

Our set up is very quick and we can get you into your lingual braces usually within 1 week of initial records.  Our previous custom set ups were done by cutting up the plaster model of the teeth and positioning the teeth straight in wax.  Using this method custom lingual brackets and archwires can be fabricated.  Our current technique is conceptually similar to this method but is practically light years ahead.  Our current set up technique and lingual braces process is computer controlled and our implementation method is a trade secret, but is faster more precise, more comfortable and more flexible than any other method available.

Placement of appliances

Accurate placement of lingual brackets is relatively difficult so brackets are usually placed using a positioning template as shown left, using individual bracket position jigs. We routinely place both upper and lower sets at a single 70 minute appointment,  the wire is then added and the teeth start to move in the same way as a regular brace.

What are the benefits of invisible braces compared to braces ?

invisible braces are invisible – you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.  We can visualize the planned treatment result from the digital setup to give an early ideal how it’s going to turn out.

What is the cost of a consultation for invisible braces?

Invisible braces treatment is suitable for most patients. We offer a Free invisible braces Suitability Check. The suitability check is a short consultation limited to discussion of invisible braces suitability only.  No other treatment method will be discussed.

If you wish to discuss all of the available methods for getting your teeth straight our usual consultation  fee of $140.00 will apply.  A percentage of this fee is claimable through almost all health insurance companies.


What is the cost of invisible braces ?

Suitability check for invisible braces $free

There are several cost options depending on whether you need just a simple single arch treatment or a full treatment.  The cost for invisible braces starts at approximately $7500 .

The cost of retainers to ensure your teeth remain straight is $included

Can a dentist offer invisible braces cheaper?

Few dentists have the experience or expertise to offer lingual braces.  Suresmile technology is like the racing car of orthodontics and not surprisingly a state of the art technology that is still advancing is complex to operate.  Suresmile do not work with general dentists who have insufficient understanding of brace mechanics to control the system and get the best from it.  No dentist can offer Suresmile lingual. Suresmile  lingual braces are the fastest and most precise system yet devised – that’s why we offer it.

Will insurance cover any of the cost of my invisible braces treatment ?

Yes, providing you have orthodontic coverage , invisible braces should be covered to the same extent as conventional braces.

Do I need to have teeth removed for invisible braces treatment?

It depends on the problem, but invisible braces are flexible enough to deal with any orthodontic problem

What if I am planning to travel or move away for an indefinite period?

Invisible braces require a high level of skill and experience to succeed. If you are planning a prolonged or indefinite move away to another State or Country you may have difficulty finding an orthodontist who will continue your lingual brace treatment, however we will do whatever we can to assist your treatment transfer.

What if I am planning to get married?

If your case is suitable for invisible braces then you won’t need to worry about visible braces on your big day but try to start your treatment as far ahead as possible so that your smile can be ready for the wedding

Is invisible braces treatment painful ?

Most people experience temporary, discomfort for a few weeks at the beginning of treatment. This is a normal part of all orthodontic treatments and invisible braces is no different to braces in this regard

Will invisible braces affect my speech?

More than other appliances lingual braces can temporarily affect speech. However adaptation can be quite quick and non of our patients so far have reported it to be a major problem.  The predominant improvement in bracket designs over the years has improved the precision and reduced the size of the brackets.  The latest designs are less irritating for the tongue and easier to speak normally.

Will my teeth remain straight after invisible braces treatment ?

Like all orthodontic treatment relapse of alignment is a possibility so a retention strategy is required to keep teeth straight once active treatment is completed.  The type of available retainers will be discussed with you

Will invisible braces affect the types of food I can eat?

Yes you should avoid hard and sticky foods sugary foods and fizzy drinks – just like regular braces.

Why should I get North Sydney Orthodontics to do my invisible braces?

We offer a range of invisible brace options to meet differing demands budgets and problems. Each case is custom made to deliver a big improvement in your smile

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